“A complete family entertainer unfolding chronicles
of the most beloved prankster and his metamorphosis
into India’s biggest superhero”

Global Appeal : Brand ‘Krishna’ is a cult brand having global audience and appeal, reflected by the communities that exist across globe on Krishna.

Strong concept : The core of the concept is a never-failing combination of heritage and action,garnished and presented in top-class 3D animation style.

Generic Scope : Although the choice of stories are targeted at 5-9 years, the treatment allows it to be enjoyed by one and all.

Animation Quality : The character designs, art form, and animation quality is matching up to global standards of 3D animation

Concept Neutrality : Krishna as a concept is widely diffused and is a heritage property with global salience

Alternate channels : Concept lends itself to endless revenue manipulations.
Egs – Video games, Comic Books, Mobisodes, Merchandise, Home entertainment Etc

The product truly offers a global landscape of consumption, revenue generation and branding possibilities.


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